Rock Specialties

Peanut Butter French Toast Breakfast      10.99

Served with 1 egg, choice of bacon, sausage or ham & breakfast potatoes.

Breakfast Tamale Plate     11.99

2 breakfast tamales smothered in green chili with 2 eggs on top and a side of refried beans.

  Huevos Carnitas      11.99

A flour tortilla covered in our homemade green chile with 3 eggs, topped with our carnitas & sour cream.  Served with a side of refried beans & a flour or corn tortilla.

C & J’s Landslide    9.99

2 eggs, choice of ham, bacon or sausage in a biscuit, smothered in our delicious sausage gravy, served with breakfast potatoes.

The Aberator   9.99

2 eggs, provolone cheese, choice of bacon, ham or sausage between 2 pieces of French toast.  Served with breakfast potatoes.

Breakfast Meals

The Scramble    9.99

3 scrambled eggs with diced ham, bacon and melted pepperjack cheese.  Served with potatoes, green chile and choice of toast, pancakes or tortilla.

The Rock Breakfast    9.99

3 eggs, potatoes, choice of bacon, ham or sausage and choice of toast, tortilla or pancakes.

Breakfast Burger     10.99

1/3 lb. hamburger patty, 1 fried egg, bacon & cheese.  Served with breakfast potatoes.

JC’S Chicken Fried Chicken     12.99

CFC topped with 2 eggs, potatoes, smothered in white gravy.  Served with choice of toast.

Steak & Eggs     13.99

6 oz. N.Y. Strip served with 3 eggs, potatoes & choice of toast or pancakes.

French Toast Breakfast     9.99

2 pieces French toast, 1 egg, choice of bacon, ham or sausage and breakfast potatoes.

Ronnie D’s Rock Style Omelet    9.99

3 eggs and choose 3 items.  Onions, cheese, broccoli, jalapenos, mushrooms, red or green peppers, green chilies, spinach, tomatoes, black olives, bacon, sausage or ham.

Avocado  2.99    Sub egg whites  1.59    Served with potatoes and choice of toast or tortilla.

Build a Breakfast Sandwich     9.99

Choice of bread:  Croissant, white, wheat, light rye, biscuit, English muffin, sourdough or pretzel bun.  Choose up to 3 items:  Eggs, cheese, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, sausage or ham. Served with potatoes.

Avocado or guac add 2.99

***Takeout food and drinks are available, including alcoholic beverages.***

7 days a week from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Mexican dishes

Huevos     9.99

A flour tortilla covered in our homemade green chile with 3 eggs, topped with sour cream, a side of refried beans & a flour or corn tortilla.

Breakfast Quesadilla     9.99

Scrambled eggs, bacon and melted cheese between 2 flour tortillas.  Served with side of green chile.

Our Rockin Breakfast Burrito or Chimichanga

Scrambled eggs, diced green chiles and potatoes rolled in a flour tortilla covered in melted cheese and green chile.

Junior burrito 7.59   Regular 9.29    Bowl   8.99

Breakfast Tacos      8.99

Scrambled eggs, onions, jalapenos, tomatoes, cilantro & corn tortillas

Breakfast Taco Salad     9.99

Beans, scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and a side of green chile.


Specialty Items

FFruit and Yogurt with a mini cinnamon roll     7.99

Oatmeal with brown sugar & walnuts    4.99

Avocado toast with tomato        7.99


A La Carte Items

Pancakes                            One: 2.29    Two:  4.29    Three:  5.99

Choc. chip pancakes        One:  2.49   Two:  4.59    Three:  6.59

Biscuits & Gravy               One:  3.49   Two:  5.29

Eggs                                     One: 1.79    Two:  2.99

2 Pieces French Toast      4.49          1 breakfast tamale   4.59

Breakfast Potatoes           2.59          Cup of Fruit                3.49

Bacon, Sausage or Ham   3.29          Sub Fruit                     2.29

Side Avocado            2.99        Guac      2 oz.  2.29     4 oz.  2.99

Side Sausage gravy  1.79        Side Toast       1.99

Side Sour Cream         .99



Juices:  Orange, cranberry, apple, tomato, pineapple &           grapefruit.                          Sm   2.99    Lg.  3.59

Coffee, Hot Tea, Hot Chocolate, Hot Apple Cider     2.99

Milk  or Chocolate milk:   Sm  2.99       Lg.   3.59

Free refills on coffee or tea.






Meat & eggs are cooked to order.  Please note that consuming raw or undercooked meats or poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.  Some items may be served raw or undercooked or contain undercooked ingredients.